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Dessert Club Membership

  • Dessert Club Member

    Every month
    Exclusive Discounts, Free Samples and so much more!
     30 day free trial
    • Exclusive Monthly Discounts
    • Free Samples Per Month!
    • Exclusive Desserts before general public!
    • Exclusive Holiday Savings!
    • Cancel Anytime!
    • Over $40 Value
    • Discount at mobile Bakery locations*coming soon
    • Double Loyalty Sweets Reward Points

By signing up you are agreeing to a recurring payment of the price listed. This payment will be charged using the card information of your initial purchase.

Dessert Membership Savings:  


Shipping Value--------------$18.33

Product/Sample Value------$8.00
Discount Value --------------$15.00

Total Value: $41.33



When are samples shipped? All samples are shipped within the current month of subcription payment. If your initial signup is in the 4th week of the month samples may be shipped out with the following month's sample box.
When are discounts available to me? Within 48hrs of your payment date, sent directly to you via email or text message please check Spam folders.

Does my monthly code expire? No, your codes are active for as long as your membership is active. *except for one time exclusive discounts. 
Can I Cancel My Plan? Yes, however you must cancel before your recurring payment date or you will be billed for the current month.

Where do I enter my Membership Code? On Payment page, click on Have a code?, and enter it there.

How does the trial work? Trial period is for 7 days during the trial period you may not receive samples if you sign up in the 4th week of the month or after samples are shipped. You will receive all discounts during the trial period. *No refunds will be issued after the trial period you must cancel before the 7 day trail period to avoid reoccurring charges.

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