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Our Story

Owner/Lead Baker:


Christopher Smith 


Being an individual with many talents, I do not believe that you cannot master more than one thing in life. It is all about you first believing in yourself. If you can get just one person to support your ideas it will make all the difference in the world. My desire is to excel in life no matter if I'm behind my desk as an audio post-production professional, sitting at the piano writing and creating music, behind a microphone singing or in the Mama Joe's Kitchen just baking away!

Our Inspiration


Mama Joe's Southern Sweets is named after and directly inspired by my late grandmother, Wilhelmena B. Joe. My grandmother was the rock and foundation of my family, and she could really do it all. I would always find my way into the kitchen with her or my mom desiring and asking for their secrets. Some of those recipes I put my own spin on. Mama Joe's Southern Sweets is so much more than just a name, it is a symbol of love for the sweet tastes of the South. When I bake, I feel my Grandmother(Mena) is right there with me in every stir and measurement singing sweetly with her powerful voice!

One Bite At a Time...

In 2020 MAMA JOE'S SWEETS began making donations to local food banks throughout the Carolinas. We decided to keep this going and now have since adopted an initiative to help ease hunger in local communities by donating a percentage of our profits to food banks and community shelters every year.

Volunteers at Food Bank
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